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In 2649, the Galactic Federation was founded and our civilization experienced immeasurable fortune. This era was known as the Great Expanse, as countless colonies and space stations were developed in deep space. But in their expansion, they awoke something terrible...

Erdros! With the fury of a thousand ships, he brought havoc on the Galactic Federation and hunted down their settlements. Now, only one space station remains, the G.F.S.S.S.S. Bob, and Erdros is on his way to destroy it right now! It's up to you, pilot, to defend the station, defeat Erdros, and bring peace to the galaxy!


W: Move Up

A: Move Left

S: Move Down

D: Move Right

P: Pause

Left Mouse Button: Shoot


Andrew Ereddia - Code, Sound Effects, Music

Kyam Putney - Art

Simon Needle - Music


Guns of Erdros.exe 119 MB

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